10 College Football Programs Making Creative Strides on Social Media

Are you looking for new, creative ways to shake up your university’s social media? Check out what these 10 schools are doing on their football teams’ social media accounts for some great inspiration!

1. Notre Dame – Creating Twitter Polls

Keep your followers engaged by having them participate in interactive content like Twitter polls. Your students and fans have opinions on who they think the best offensive player in the game is, along with other insights, so why not ask them about it? This post above received almost 3,000 votes!

2. Alabama – Going Behind-the-Scenes

It’s always fun to see what goes on with players during their down time, especially when it’s exciting. Alabama shared these photos of the freshman players having some fun at their coach’s lake house. It let Alabama show their followers some behind-the-scenes action and how much fun the players are able to have off the field.

3. Ohio State – Using 360 Degree Video

Since video has been dominating social media outlets recently, Ohio State decided to use the format to their advantage. Filming with an impressive 360-degree camera, they captured a moment during practice that lets their followers see every angle of the team’s circle drill.

Using technology that appeals to students’ curiosity certainly has its benefits – it gained them over 12,000 views!

4. Florida State – Going Live

If you haven’t already hopped on the Facebook Live bandwagon, you are seriously missing out! Going live is a great way to show “must see” videos and share information with a large audience on a timely basis.

The nice thing about going live is that it is easy to do on-the-go on mobile devices, so you can stream video for press events, conferences, or anywhere around campus.

5. Clemson – Making Fun Videos

One way to get noticed on social media is by posting things that students want to see, and everybody loves fun and funny videos. Clemson showing off their players being goofy in the locker room is perfect for student interaction. This tweet got 13,000 retweets and 28,000 likes, showing how being less serious on social media from time to time can really expand your reach.

Clemson also shared the following clever video on Instagram, highlighting how a little creative editing can go a long way.

‪When the group chat lit…‬ ‪✌️😉😄👏🙌👍👌☝️‬ ‪🐅🐾‬

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6. Indiana University – Being Relatable

An easy way to get creative on social media is by participating in national holidays. Some IU football players were interviewed about Father’s Day, and the school compiled this touching video that appealed to everyone’s heart strings.

It was relatable content with an emotional counterpart, and helped to show the players’ softer sides.

7. University of Michigan – Getting Silly

One way to embrace the potential of social media is by crafting some sillier content for your audience since platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are so well-suited for it.

Posting funny reaction gifs and using popular emojis are great ways to show students you are up to date on current trends and able to make inside jokes that they’ll appreciate.

8. Oregon – Presenting Stimulating Content

Instead of putting out constant updates with little information, take a page out of Oregon’s book by making some colorful graphics to present your info! This way, not only will you get everything you want across, but the content will be more likely to be shared because of how it looks.

9. University of Florida – Getting Series-ous

The University of Florida has a series on YouTube called “Chomp Stories” where they let fans get to know a player in-depth, and feature family members who relay personal anecdotes about their connections to the school.

The school’s channel has over 33,000 followers, with their Chomp Story series receiving around 800 views on each video. Thinking of your YouTube channel like a TV station, and having “episodes” of a series come out weekly or bi-weekly, is a creative way to make yourself stand out.

10. University of Tennessee – Making Creative Captions

Here’s a picture of Smokey being a good boy. 12/10 would pet.

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On social media platforms, captions can make or break a post. A good caption can be the difference between a post that gets 30 likes and one that gets thousands. In this creative example, we have the University of Tennessee making a reference to the popular Twitter account Dog Rates (@dog_rates), which has over 3.65 million followers.

By simply making a caption in the same fashion, they got over 14,000 likes on the photo, with tons of engagement!

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