How to Maintain Communication with University Alumni

Through social media, email, and much more, there are many ways to get connected and keep in touch with your fellow university alumni. Check out our tips below!


Social Media

One of the easiest ways to keep in touch with your school’s alumni is through social media. Here are some of the outlets you can utilize:



Many professionals know LinkedIn to be an ideal tool for connecting with potential clients and colleagues, but it’s also a great way to reach out to your former classmates!


LinkedIn helps you find people you may know through your school, place of business, and career contacts, making it easy to connect with alumni from your alma mater. By connecting with them, you can see their recent activity and updates, and they might even be able to help you get your foot in the door at other universities!


Facebook Groups and Pages

One of Facebook’s many changes over the past few years has included updates to groups and pages.


Many universities’ alumni now have a Facebook group or page, with some featuring a national focus and some featuring a focus on a specific city or region.

To find your alumni page on Facebook, all you have to do is search your school’s name, your current city, and the word alumni.




Much like LinkedIn, Twitter is a great outlet to connect with other professionals in your business, though it has the added bonus of feeling more personal.


By following your fellow alumni, you can interact with them by tweeting at them, liking or retweeting their posts, and finding new users to follow from their profile.
Similar to Facebook, many alumni groups also have twitter accounts that post updates from the university, upcoming alumni events, and much more!


Newsletters, Mail, and Email

If social media isn’t your forte, there are also alternative methods to keep connected with your classmates. By visiting your alma mater’s alumni website, or its page on your university’s site, you should be able to sign up for emails, pamphlets, or even a newsletter.


You will also likely be able to locate local chapter information along with a directory, making it easy to search for your classmates by name and acquire their contact information.


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